April 30, 2020

Springtime Learning!

So many wonderful photos of so many wonderful learners!!

We all LOVE to see you exploring, cutting, coloring, drawing, playing and SMILING!

Practicing letters! Looking good!

Hey, you did it! Small medium and large!! Way to go!

We can HEAR the laughter and happiness from this photo!

All the letter As!!! Yay! 

Ahoy! That is a FANTASTIC crown, matey!

That looks like a SUPER fun slide!

Playtime with siblings is so wonderful!

Exploring the house and learning about MAGNETS! Where did they stick, buddy? 

On the way to start a Greendale Village Scavenger Hunt!

I see EXCELLENT form cutting the paper!  Thumb facing UP is the way to CUT!


April 14, 2020

Our Learners are WONDERFUL!

Check out these Bloom 'N Grow learners doing everything from coloring to writing their names to gluing and cutting... your teachers are proud!

Keep the pictures coming!! We just love to see everyone!

What a PRETTY design! Happy to see that smile again, too!

Wait, is that a LION I spy?? GREAT job! 🐆

Elephant and Piggie look AWESOME!

This picture is a perfect example of SPRINGTIME! Looks wonderful!

Wow! Working on letter tracing AND shape sorting! Way to go!

Now THIS is the way to picnic! At Grandpa's farm and with family!

Nice job, buddy!! Keep up the good work!!

Playing with FAVORITE transportation toys - GREAT way to learn about our theme!

Hey, that's an AWESOME train picture! I especially like the color on the smokestack!

A pink Gerald is a PERFECT Gerald.

Observing her good work! 

The colors of your train match your dress! I spy RED!

AWESOME tracing, buddy! You're doing a great job! 

This is a VERY nicely colored springtime picture - wonderful job!

Reading Piggie and Gerald with Daddy is a great way to read!

Another awesome springtime picture - WONDERFUL job!

It's so nice to see everyone!! Keep an eye out on the blog for more posts from your teachers, too - we've got a new format we'll be using... can't wait to share with you 😊

April 02, 2020

Good Morning Preschool Friends!

When your learner first arrives at Bloom 'N Grow, they participate in a table activity that has some connection to our daily plan.  Once all our friends arrive, all the students head to the rug to find their name and picture.  I collect pictures and then we sing this song!  

What's the Weather?

Each morning a friend comes to the front of the room and moves some weather symbols - Windy, Cloudy, Sunny, Rainy or Snowy - to our weather chart. 

Before they make their decision, we sing this song and talk all about the weather! 

There are hand motions that accompany this song - see if your learner remembers them! 

Goodbye Song!

Here's another video - your learner will remember this song as the last one we do before we head to tables to read board books and await your arrival! 

March 26, 2020

Bloom 'N Grow Teachers at Home!

Bloom 'N Grow friends... you're SO missed! 

Here's what WE'VE been up to!

Mrs. Alcorn
Hi, Bloom 'N Grow families.
I just wanted to let you know that I am missing you all and hope you are all doing well.
While we're apart, I'm helping my kids with their learning at home, organizing some spaces in the house and getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather!

Mrs. Christy 
Hi Bloom 'N Grow friends!
I miss you all so much.  Here is me and my family when we went on a hike.

Mrs. Z 
Hi Bloom 'N Grow learners and families!
I'm happy to be with my family at my house... and my kitties are happy we are all home, too - this is Mia! She is only one year old.
Can't wait to see you all again - stay healthy and enjoy your time with your families 💕

March 23, 2020

Bloom 'N Grow Learners at Home!

How happy I was to see each of your smiling faces!  Keep the pictures coming and enjoy your time together!  
Wow! You made a shamrock and a pot of gold! Neat!

What a great smile...and a great picture!
Trying out some scissors! Way to go!

You're coloring Thomas! I love the blue color you chose :)

Woah! That Thomas picture is GIANT... it's bigger than YOU! Cool!

On St. Patrick's Day, you found GREEN limes!
I spy something ELSE green in this picture... do you?

What a BEAUTIFUL rainbow...
...and a GREAT shamrock and smile!

This friend spelled his name! See if you can find it on his cool picture!

Keep learning, drawing, reading, singing, dancing, laughing and enjoying this time with your families, Bloom 'N Grow students! 
Sending a big hug your way!

Mrs. Z