May 12, 2017

Dream Big!

It's hard to believe that our Preschool year has come to an end!  We laughed, played and learned so many new things during our morning adventures.  We will have a million great memories from our group this year.

Your children should be very proud of all of their accomplishments this year.  It was amazing to see how much everyone has grown socially and emotionally during our time together!

It was a pleasure to have had all of the little learners at Bloom 'N Grow and wish that every family has an enjoyable Summer that is filled with creativity, exploration and FUN!

May 05, 2017

Spring is in the air!!

Look at the beautiful spring collage our hard workers made!!  This open ended project was fun as we used our imaginations to create flowers, bugs, clouds and birds with watercolor paints.  We then added some stickers and glued on shape cutouts to finish it off.  We certainly have a creative group!  It looks awesome on our board surrounded by our symmetrical butterflies that we painted!

May 02, 2017

March 31, 2017

Down By the Bay

Our ocean unit was sand-sational!  We were busy taking about sea animals, playing in the sand table and dancing to the goldfish song.  We even created our very own "Ocean in a Bottle" to take home!  These were fun to make.  The children were able to choose which sea animals they wanted in their ocean, we added food coloring to our water to make it blue and added lots of bubbles (vegetable oil).  It was really fun to see all of the animals swim around when we would shake the bottles!

It was equally as fun to make an ocean picture.  We did this by mixing blue and white paint together and then stamping it onto paper using bubble wrap!  We finished them by adding fish into the water.


February 06, 2017

Winter Snow and Ice

Our winter sensory table was filled with "ice" and "snow"!  The snow was fun to shovel into our snow buckets, dump out, fill back up and to see how high we could stack the ice blocks.

While playing, we explored the different textures of our wintery items (soft, smooth, squishy) and used our imaginations to create!

January 12, 2017


We love to read in Preschool!!  We promote literacy in our classroom by reading stories and encouraging all children to look at books daily.  This is the first step to becoming an emergent reader!